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dinello_report's Journal

The Dinello Report!
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Hello, and welcome to The Dinello Report! Have you spent days/weeks/months/years searching for a community that maturely, calmly, and rationally appreciates the efforts and productions of Paul Dinello? Well, you're going to have to wait longer. Chances are, this community will rot and pervert your mind.

-Be respectful to all community members. You can yell and insult them in good fun or on your own journal, but not in this one. Sorry.

-Posts should be as on-topic as possible. As in they all have to do with Paul. Pictures, articles, etc, are all fine and encouraged. Or just spread some love for him, because he deserves more of it.

-Be as loony and cracktasmic as you want. That's the whole point of the community, after all.

-Don't be an asshole. This should be self-explanatory.

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